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[audio]Baroque Bricolage - Miroslav
The tracks come from a house and electronica project, dedicated to Cassius Clay with a parallel between house dance and ring dance. The first track is electronic and melancholic.Netlabel:Binary ScienceHomepage: Miroslav - Baroque Bricolage.
Downloads: 1,200
[texts]Computing medians and means in Hadamard spaces - Miroslav Bacak
The geometric median as well as the Frechet mean of points in an Hadamard space are important in both theory and applications. Surprisingly, no algorithms for their computation are hitherto known. To address this issue, we use a split version of the proximal point algorithm for minimizing a sum of convex functions and prove that this algorithm produces a sequence converging to a minimizer of the objective function, which extends a recent result of D...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Volkov solution for two laser beams and ITER - Miroslav Pardy
We find the solution of the Dirac equation for two plane waves (laser beams) and we determine the modified Compton formula for the scattering of two photons on an alectron. The practical meaning of the two laser beams is, that two laser beams impinging on a targed which is constituted from material in the form of a foam, can replace 100-200 laser beams impinging on a normal targed. It means that the nuclear fusion with two laser beams is realistic in combination with the nuclear reactor such as ...
Downloads: 2
[texts]To the nonlinear quantum mechanics - Miroslav Pardy
The Schroedinger equation with the nonlinear term is derived by the natural generalization of the hydrodynamical model of quantum mechanics. The nonlinear term appears to be logically necessary because it enables explanation of the classical limit of the wave function, the collaps of the wave function and solves the Schroedinger cat paradox.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Creativity leading to discoveries in particle physics and relativity - Miroslav Pardy
The basic ingredients of the discovery creativity is presented. Understanding, problem solving, heuristics, computer thinking, technology and physics, and so on. We present some discoveries from the viewpoint of creativity. The Dirac equation, the Riccati equation, the nonlinear Schroedinger equation, the quantum navier Sokes equation, the equation of the quantum magnetohydrodynamics and so on. We discuss nonlinear Lorentz transformation involving the maximal acceleration which we relate to the ...
[texts]The photo-electric effect in the bi-layer graphite - Miroslav Pardy
We derive the differential probability of the photoelectric effect realized at the very low temperature of double graphene in the very strong magnetic field. The relation of this effect to the elementary particle physics, nuclear physics and Einstein gravity is mentioned. Our approach is the analogue of the Landau discovery of the diamagnetism, where Landau supposed the parabolic dispersion relations for the model of diamagnetism.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Radiation of the blackbody in the external field - Miroslav Pardy
The blackbody is considered in the external general field. The additional coefficients of stimulated emission and absorption are introduced into the Einstein mechanism. Then, the generalized Planck formula is derived. The Einstein and Debye formula for the specific heat is possible to generalize. The application of the theory to the sonoluminescence, the relic radiation and solar spectrum is discussed.
[texts]Deflection of light by the screw dislocation in space-time - Miroslav Pardy
We derive the light deflection caused by the screw dislocation in space-time. The derivation is based on the idea that space-time is a medium which can be deformed by gravity and that the deformation of space-time is equivalent to the existence of gravity.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Radiation of the Gravitational and Electromagnetic Binary Pulsars - Miroslav Pardy
The energy-loss formula of the production of gravitons by the binary is derived in the source theory formulation of gravity. Then, the quantum energy-loss formula involving radiative corrections is derived. We postulate an idea that gravitational pulsars are present in our universe and that radiative corrections play a role in the physics of the cosmological scale. In the last part of the article, we consider so called electromagnetic pulsar which is formed by two particles with the opposite ele...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Logarithmic Bloch space and its predual - Miroslav Pavlović
We consider the space $\bk^1_{\log^\alpha}$, of analytic functions on the unit disk $\D,$ defined by the requirement $\int_\D|f'(z)|\phi(|z|)\,dA(z)
Downloads: 2
[texts]Missing experiments in quantum mechanics - Miroslav Pardy
We discuss the two-slit experiment and the Aharonov-Bohm (AB) experiment in the magnetic field. In such a case the electron moving in the magnetic field produces so called synchrotron radiation. In other words the photons are emitted from the points of the electron trajectory and it means that the trajectory of electron is visible in the synchrotron radiation spectrum. The axiomatic system of quantum mechanics does not enable to define the trajectory of the elementary particle...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Synchrotron Production of Photons by a Two-body System - Miroslav Pardy
The power spectrum of the synchrotron radiation generated by the motion of a two-body charged system in an accelerator is derived in the framework of the Schwinger source theory. The final formula can be used to verify the Lorentz length contraction of the two-body system moving in the synchrotron.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Physics of particles in the rotating tube - Miroslav Pardy
The classical and the quantum motion of a massive body in the rotating tube is considered. Photon is included. The spin motion described by the Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi equation is considered in the rotation tube and rotating system.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Light in metric space-time and its deflection by the screw dislocation - Miroslav Pardy
We derive the light deflection caused by the screw dislocation in space-time. Space-time is medium which can be deformed in such a way that its deformation is equivalent to the existence of metric which is equivalent to gravity. The existence of the screw dislocations in cosmology is hypothetically confirmed by observation of light bursts which can be interpreted as the annihilation of the giant screw dislocations with antidislocations...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Episode 2: Museum + Arts Pass - Miroslav Glavic
Museum + Arts Pass, Speech by Councillor Paul Ainslie
Keywords: Paul Ainslie; Sun Life Financial Museum + Arts Pass; Miroslav Glavic
Downloads: 20
[texts]Electron spin motion in the delta-function pulse - Miroslav Pardy
We formulate the Bargman-Michel-Telegdi (BMT) equation for electron spin motion in a plane wave and in the Dirac delta-function pulse. We compare the BMT solution with the Wolkow solution of the Dirac equation. The Wolkow solution for the spin is not identical with the solution following from the BMT .
Downloads: 2
[texts]Symmetric Affine Theories and Nonlinear Einstein-Proca System - Miroslav Hejna
We review the correspondence between symmetric affine theories and the nonlinear Einstein-Proca system that was found by Einstein and Schrodinger. With the use of this correspondence, we investigate static spherically symmetric solutions in symmetric affine theory with no matter fields. Use of the correspondence leads to a significant simplification of the calculation. A special instance of ``no-hair'' theorem for symmetric affine theory is established.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Non-photonic electron-hadron correlations in Cu+Cu at sqrt(s_NN) = 200 GeV - Miroslav Krus
In this paper we present the study of the azimuthal correlation function of non-photonic electrons with low-pT hadrons produced in Cu+Cu collision at sqrt(s_NN)=200 GeV measured by STAR experiment at RHIC. Possible modification of the awayside peak is observed.
Downloads: 2
[texts]The rocket equations for decays of elementary particles - Miroslav Pardy
The decay of elementary particles is described nonrelativistically and using the method of the special theory of relativity. Then the Tsiolkovskii rocket equation is applied to the one photon decay of the excited nucleus of the M\"ossbauer effect. The formation time of photons during decay is supposed nonzero. The Me\v{s}\v{c}erskii equation is possible to identify with the bremsstrahlung equation...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Massive photons in particle and laser physics - Miroslav Pardy
The massive electrodynamics is applied to the Dirac equation to find the generalized Volkov solution with massive photon field. The resulting equation is the Riccati equation which cannot be solved in general. We use the approximative Volkov function for massive photons and then consider an electron in the periodic field and in the laser pulse of the delta-function form. We derive the modified Compton formulas for the interaction of the multiphoton object with an electron for both cases.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Quantum mechanical corrections to the Alfven waves - Miroslav Pardy
The hydrodynamical model of quantum mechanics based on the Schroedinger equation is combined with the magnetohydrodynamical term to form so called quantum magnetohydrodynamic equation. It is shown that the quantum correction to the Alfven waves follows from this new equation. The possible generalization is considered for the so called nonlinear Schroedinger equation and for the situation where dissipation is described by the Navier-Stokes equation.
Downloads: 2
[texts]New paradox in the special theory of relativity generated by the string dynamics - Miroslav Pardy
It is proved that the definition of simultaneity by Einstein leads to the paradox motion of he string from the viewpoint of the observer in the inertial system S' moving with velocity v with regard to the inertial system S.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Convergence of nonlinear semigroups under nonpositive curvature - Miroslav Bacak
The present paper is devoted to semigroups of nonexpansive mappings on metric spaces of nonpositive curvature. We show that the Mosco convergence of a sequence of convex lsc functions implies convergence of the corresponding resolvents and convergence of the gradient flow semigroups. This extends the classical results of Attouch, Brezis and Pazy into spaces with no linear structure. The same method can be further used to show the convergence of semigroups on a sequence of spaces, which solves a ...
Downloads: 2
[texts]The bremsstrahlung equation for the spin motion in LHC - Miroslav Pardy
The influence of the bremsstrahlung on the spin motion is expressed by the equation which is the analogue and generalization of the Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi equation. The new constant is involved in this equation. This constant can be immediately determined by the experimental measurement of the spin motion, or it follows from the classical limit of quantum electrodynamics with radiative corrections.
Downloads: 1
[texts]The Space-time Transformations Between Accelerated Systems - Miroslav Pardy
We determine transformations between coordinate systems which are mutually in linear accelerated motion. In case of the symmetrical linear mutual acceleration, we immediately get the maximal acceleration limit which was derived by Caianiello from quantum mechanics. The derived results can play crucial role in modern particle physics.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Misssing experiments in relativity and gravity - Miroslav Pardy
The proposal is submitted for the measurement of the relativistic length contraction using the nanoscopic dumbbell moving in LHC or ILC. Some paradoxes concerning the length contraction and simultaneity are discussed. The dynamical states of rods and strings accelerated by the gravitational field and non-gravitational field are discussed. The realizaton of the acceleration of the nanotube charged dumbbell in LHC, ILC and other accelerators is evidently the prestige problem for the experts workin...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Coherent follow-up of Continuous Gravitational Wave candidates: minimal required observation time - Miroslav Shaltev
We derive two different methods to compute the minimal required integration time of a fully coherent follow-up of candidates produced in wide parameter space semi-coherent searches, such as global correlation StackSlide searches using Einstein@Home. We numerically compare these methods in terms of integration duration and computing cost. In a Monte Carlo study we confirm that we can achieve the required detection probability.
[texts]The synchrotron radiation from the Volkov solution of the Dirac equation - Miroslav Pardy
The aim of this article is to show it is possible to get the power spectrum of the synchrotron radiation from the Volkov solution of the Dirac equation and the S-matrix. We also generalize the Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi equation for the spin motion in case it involves the radiative term. This equation can play crucial role for the spin motion of protons in LHC. The axion production in the magnetic field described by the Volkov solution is discussed.
[audio]Abandoned House - Miroslav Glavic
Abandoned House Gallery Explanation
Keywords: Miroslav; Glavic
Downloads: 576
[audio]Lako ti je - miroslav herceg
electro house mix
Keywords: severina remix analgetic analgeticaproject
Downloads: 118
[unknown]Universal Syncopations II - Miroslav Vitouš

Downloads: 2
[texts]The impact force in the ballistic oscillator - Miroslav Pardy
We determine the impact force generated by the projectile penetrating the body of the harmonic oscillator. We discuss the ballistic effect in connection with the Compton effect. Key words: Mathematical pendulum, physical pendulum, ballistic pendulum, harmonic oscillator.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Discrimination between non perfectly known states - Miroslav Jezek
Discrimination task is treated in the case of only partial prior information from measurements of unknown states. The construction of the optimal discrimination device and estimation of unknown states is performed simultaneously. A communication through a noisy quantum channel is formulated in terms of the proposed discrimination protocol.
[audio]Miroslav Srnka-Korone - Miroslav Srnka
44th Vanzemlja release.
Keywords: Vanzemlja
Downloads: 43
[texts]Velocity of sound in the relic photon sea - Miroslav Pardy
We determine the velocity of sound in the blackbody gas of photons and in the gas of relic photons. Derivation is based on the thermodynamic theory of the photon gas and the Einstein relation between energy and mass. The spectral form for the n-dimensional blackbody is derived. The 1D, 2D and 3D blackbody radiation is specified. It is mentioned the possibility of creation of the Mach cone in case that the high energy cosmical particles moves with the speed greater than the velocity of sound in c...
Downloads: 3
[texts]The Number Operator for Generalized Quons - Miroslav Doresic
We construct the number operator for particles obeying infinite statistics, defined by a generalized q-deformation of the Heisenberg algebra, and prove the positivity of the norm of linearly independent state vectors.
Downloads: 15
[texts]The two-body electromagnetic pulsar - Miroslav Pardy
The power spectrum formula of the synchrotron radiation generated by the electron and positron moving at the opposite angular velocities in homogenous magnetic field is derived in the Schwinger version of quantum field theory. The asymptotical form of this formula is found. It is surprising that the spectrum depends periodically on radiation frequency omega which means that the system composed from electron, positron and magnetic field forms the two-body electromagnetic pulsar.
Downloads: 4
[texts]The Cherenkov-Compton effect in particle physics - Miroslav Pardy
The two-photon production by motion of a charged particle in a medium is considered. This process is called Cherenkov-Compton effect because the production of photons is calculated from the Feynman diagram for the Compton effect in a medium. This process is not forbidden in quantum electrodynamics of dielectric media. The cross section of his process in Mandelstam variables is calculated for pair of photons with one moving at the opposite direction to the electron motion and the second one insid...
Downloads: 19
[texts]On some directions in the development of jet calculus - Miroslav Kureš
Two significant directions in the development of jet calculus are showed. First, jets are generalized to so-called quasijets. Second, jets of foliated and multifoliate manifold morphisms are presented. Although the paper has mainly a survey character, it also includes new results: jets modulo multifoliations are introduced and its relation to $(R,S,Q)$-jets is demonstrated.
Downloads: 4
[texts]Preliminary results of the Standard Model Higgs Boson search at LEP in 2000 - Miroslav Kopal
A search for the Standard Model Higgs boson is performed using the data collected by the four LEP experiments at center-of-mass energies between 202 GeV and 209 GeV. An average luminosity of 140 $pb^{-1}$ per experiment has been analyzed. A 2.6 $\sigma$ excess is observed in the LEP-wide combination for a Higgs boson mass hypothesis of around 114 GeV. All results are preliminary.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Quantum computing, phase estimation and applications - Miroslav Dobšíček
In this thesis, attention is paid to small experimental testbed applications with respect to the quantum phase estimation algorithm, the core approach for finding energy eigenvalues. An iterative scheme for quantum phase estimation (IPEA) is derived from the Kitaev phase estimation, a study of robustness of the IPEA utilized as a few-qubit testbed application is performed, and an improved protocol for phase reference alignment is presented...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Looking at osculating bundles through the semiholonomic equalizations - Miroslav Kureš
The paper glosses different forms of an introducing of higher order tangent-like functors, especially functors derived from higher order nonholonomic tangent functors. A special attention is devoted to higher order osculating bundles: their identification with higher order tangent bundles is demonstrated as the main result. Chiefly, the paper is focused on the needful unification of concepts.
Downloads: 9
[texts]Approximate Dynamic Programming based on High Dimensional Model Representation - Miroslav Pištěk
This article introduces an algorithm for implicit High Dimensional Model Representation (HDMR) of the Bellman equation. This approximation technique reduces memory demands of the algorithm considerably. Moreover, we show that HDMR enables fast approximate minimization which is essential for evaluation of the Bellman function. In each time step, the problem of parametrized HDMR minimization is relaxed into trust region problems, all sharing the same matrix...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Study of Double Drell-Yan Process - Miroslav Myska
This study focuses on the multiple parton scattering theory as a background for the new measurement of the inclusive cross section of the vector boson pair production at the LHC energies. The process under study is the double Drell-Yan annihilation. In this case, two quark-antiquark annihilations occur independently in one proton-proton annihilation. The final state with two pairs of leptons (electron or muon pair) is investigated while the intermedial vector boson can be both gamma and Z.
Downloads: 4
[texts]The two dimensional Cerenkov radiation - Miroslav Pardy
We derive the power spectrum of photons generated by charged particle moving in parallel direction to the graphene-like structure with index of refraction n. While the graphene sheet is conductive, some graphene-like structures, for instance graphene with implanted ions, or, also 2D-glasses, are dielectric media, and it means that it enables the experimental realization of the Cerenkov radiation. We calculate it from the viewpoint of the Schwinger theory of sources.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Recurrence relations for characters of affine Lie algebra $A_{\ell}^{(1)}$ - Miroslav Jerkovic
By using the known description of combinatorial bases for Feigin-Stoyanovsky's type subspaces of standard modules for affine Lie algebra $\mathfrak{sl}(l+1,\mathbb{C})^{\widetilde{}}$, as well as certain intertwining operators between standard modules, we obtain exact sequences of Feigin-Stoyanovsky's type subspaces at fixed level $k$. This directly leads to systems of recurrence relations for formal characters of those subspaces.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Special light trajectories in optical medium - Miroslav Pardy
The Fermat principle is used to define trajectories in nonhomogenous optical media. The Poincare model of the Lobachevskii geometry is derived. The index of refraction is determined for the light confined in the circular trajectory in the optical medium.
Downloads: 4
[texts]The Cherenkov effect with massive photons - Miroslav Pardy
The equations of massive electrodynamics are derived and the power spectrum formula for the Cherenkov radiation of massive photons is found. The Cherenkov power spectrum is determined also for the two-charge system. It is argued that the massive Cherenkov effect can be observed in superconductive media, ionosphere plasma, waveguides and in particle laboratories.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Fixed point subalgebras of Weil algebras: from geometric to algebraic questions - Miroslav Kureš
The paper is a survey of some results about Weil algebras applicable in differential geometry, especially in some classification questions on bundles of generalized velocities and contact elements. Mainly, a number of claims concerning a form of fixed points subalgebras of various Weil algebra is demonstrated.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Electron in the Ultrashort Laser Pulse - Miroslav Pardy
After the clasical approach to acceleration of a charged particle by delta-form impulsive force, we consider the corresponding quantum theory based on the Volkov solution of the Dirac equation. We determine the modified Compton formula for frequency of photons generated by the scattering of the delta-form laser pulse on the electron in a rest.
Downloads: 2
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